Self-sabotage: Shooting myself in the foot!

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Self –sabotage… here is a perfect example of what we call self-sabotage:

Last fall a colleague of mine, Martina Knobloch, and I coalesced around a great idea for an event.  Down with presentations, down with experts sharing their knowledge, down with infotainment!

We decided to gather women together to listen to and exchange around the real experiences of other women.  People just like us, with the same challenges as we have as we strive towards our professional goals.

We found 6 super women who were willing to open up and share one of their most important lessons learned by telling the true story of how they learned it.  Some had huge ‘ah-ha!’ moments.  Others have had experiences that have revealed their learning only with time and distance.

But all of them are willing to talk about their personal growth and are now enthusiastically preparing to not only tell their stories, but help others to consider how those lessons can be usefully put into practice to bring positive results.

How’s that for a super networking workshop?!  And it’s happening this coming Saturday, April 1st in Heidelberg.

Exploring the world

Martina and I have been hustling about, busy with logistics, refining the content, and marketing our event.  Well sort of.  Martina has long ago posted our event to her webpage and we both just sort of imagined I had done the same.

But no.  I haven’t.  Yes I have shared it on FaceBook, called friends and clients who might be interested.  But because of a strong resistance to the challenges of marketing, actually getting this information out to my tribe kept falling to the bottom of my list.

I can’t think of a better example of shooting myself in the foot.  I have so many great ideas of workshops, yet I can’t seem to market them so people could then participate and use them to clarify and advance more easily towards their objectives.

So it’s time for me to pull myself up by my boot straps and put myself out there.  It’s time for me to be bold, and share this super event with all of you.  Before it’s too late!   There’s 5 more days to register and we’re adding an additional 10 places in answer to the enthusiastic responses we’ve been getting.

For more information and to register simply check out our webpage at:

And many thanks for sharing the link with anyone you feel could profit from trying something new in terms of networking to boost their professional journey.

PS/ And many thanks to Martina for nudging me out of my own self-sabotage!


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