Workshops for Connecting Educational Journeys and Career Orientation

Educational Workshops Make a Successful Student

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I love working with young people. They inspire me. My objective is to help young adults develop a lifelong mindset of growth through learning and to help them integrate an understanding of their strengths, skills and desires in their orientation towards meaningful career options.

I run workshops which focus on:

  • Learning how to study intelligently
  • Using their strengths, qualities and affinities to their advantage
  • Connecting what they are learning to their future career options
  • Managing stress and building autonomy

These workshops point the way to finding more meaning and pleasure in their studies; developing motivation and behaviors which will lead them to making informed choices about the careers they want to build and the people they want to be.



Finding meaning, purpose and direction in your studies 

A series of workshops facilitating a growth mindset. Click the title to read more and to register.

Paving Your Way to High School

For students transitioning from middle school to high school. Create a winner’s mindset and good study habits while building autonomy and self-confidence. 3 separate days of workshops.

Don’t Just Survive – Thrive!

For high school sophomores and juniors. Discover strengths, qualities and preferences and explore career options based on them. Build resilience, perseverance and thrive! 3-day workshop.

Graduating with Grace!

For senior high school students. Increase self-confidence, emotional intelligence and learn how to manage expectations and handle stress effectively. 3-day workshop.

Presence and Impact

For junior high school students. A focus on professional orientation with an eye on their post-high school studies. Introducing fundamentals in public speaking and stress management.

Off and Running!

For students heading off to college and onto their own 2 feet! Get pragmatic preparation for life in college balancing the Big Social Issues with more practical skills such as cooking, laundry, budgeting and time management.  A week’s retreat post-graduation.

Creating Framework and Letting Go

For parents of students. Provides insights into adolescence, relationships and neuroscience, and creates a space for support and dealing with challenges.

All Workshops cost 75€/day +VAT

Want to know more? Email me at

Click on the individual workshop title to see upcoming start dates and to register.




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